You're Reading Labels. Good!

Natural flavors are a hot topic and something that's wildly debated amongst "health" professionals and bloggers. So, of course, we're getting asked it A LOT!

So how about we clear up a few things?

What are natural flavors and why are they in your bars?

The natural flavors in our bars come from oils, spices, fruits, veggies and other plant based ingredients.

You might have heard horror stories about natural flavors coming from unsavory animal parts - but rest assured, our bars are 100% vegan with NO animal parts.

Rewind Superbars are Plant Based

Rewind Superbars are plant based bars that are:

Vegan compliant
Dairy and Soy Free
Sugar Alcohol Free


NO Artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
NO Additives, preservatives, fillers

Which Plants and Spices Do We Use?

The incredible flavors of Rewind Bars is our "secret sauce". And we have a few billion dollar corporations who'd love to copy our bars and crush us into oblivion.

So we keep the exact blend of our plant and spice flavors for our products under lock and key.

If this makes you uncomfortable, we understand and can part as friends. But in order for Rewind to continue to stay around and change lives.. we hope you understand why we don't reveal our exact blend.

If you'd like to try some bars - check 'em out here:
You Had Me at Plant-Based!