Goodbye Gluten

I know. I know. Enough of the "gluten-free" stuff already.

But here's what we know... there's no real "need" to add gluten into your diet. And it's been shown to cause inflammation and gut issues.

No matter what side of the gluten fence you sit - we choose to make all our bars GLUTEN-FREE.

Our founder, Ryan Lee, wanted to create a bar that wouldn't irritate his own autoimmune disorder. And eliminating gluten was the first on his list.

So how did we do it?

The 1-2 Combo of Nut-Butter and Pea Protein!

Rather than use flower or wheat in our bars to bind ingredients together - we use a combination of nut butters (like creamy almond butter) and pea protein.

They are both a great source of protein and serve as the perfect substitute for gluten.

Try a bar for yourself and FEEL the difference...