How this Compact Bar Feels So Light.. But Keeps You Full and Satisfied for Hours

The minute the bar first gently lays in your hands - you'll be skeptical.

You'll think to yourself, "there's NO WAY this bar is going to keep me full and energized for hours!".

But then, you take a bite.

Your first reaction will be "Wow! I wasn't expecting it to taste that good!".

You'll notice that perfectly chewy texture. So soft it almost melts in your mouth. You pause, because you're expecting either a bar that as tough as rope or like a piece of chalk.

Then, the flavors hit you.

It has just the right amount of sweetness.

You're happy, because the bar tastes really, really good.

But then, the magic happens a few hours later.

You feel.. full. You great satisfied. You have a nice energy boost without the crash.

Here's how the bar works..

Secret #1: Perfectly Balanced Bar


Our bars are different. Because while other "Bro-tein" companies try to jam as much protein in as possible - the truth is you need balanced energy.

Each of our bars has a perfect balance of between 9-10 grams of healthy fats (good for energy and alertness), protein (for fat-burning), and fiber (to keep you full and great for heart-health).

You'll feelthe difference...


Each of your Superbars have less than 5 grams of sugar (and even those sugar grams from from antioxidant rich fruit like strawberries).

And between 7-8 NET Carbs.

So you can enjoy your delicious bar without worrying about excess sugar or carbs.