Finally! An Inflammation-Free Bar.

Inflammation is bad. Really, really bad.

It's been said to cause everything from heart disease and diabetes to every imaginable, awful disease.

That's right.. inflammation ain't cool.

When I was diagnosed with a painful auto-immune disorder called psoriatic arthritis - I quickly discovered it's really just "inflammation".

The problem is almost every food (especially bars) have inflammatory ingredients. So I rolled-up my sleeves and created the world's first inflammation-free bars..

Just Say NO!

Most "healthy bars" (I used that term loosely) have inflammation-causing ingredients. Stuff you should NOT be eating on a daily basis.

Here are some not-so-great ingredients you'll never find in Rewind...


I'm not gonna say the person who came up with "milk does a body good" was lying.. but they weren't telling you the truth.

Dairy is a big cause of inflammation and there are better ways to get protein in your diet.

Most bars use dairy (whey protein) as their protein, but not Rewind. Our bars are DAIRY-FREE and our protein comes from plants and nuts like peas and almonds.


Inflammation often starts in your gut - and gluten is like sandpaper for your gut.

Our customers notices they minute they cut back on the the big G (gluten) - they start to feel better. They've mentioned more energy and no more "brain fog" as the biggies.

Oh yeah.. Rewind bars are certified GLUTEN-FREE!


Added sugar (like cane sugar) can really do a number on your health.. especially inflammation.

But beware of "low sugar" bars because they often hide it with "sugar alcohol" (which can cause bloating and diarrhea.. not good!).

Rewind Bars have NO "added sugar' or "sugar alcohol". Our bars are only 4-5 grams of sugar and it all comes from real healthy, nutrient rich fruit like Dates and Strawberries.

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