Most of the questions our Rewinders asked are answered below. And if you still need assistance, our team is here to serve you.



Our green drinks are slightly sweet and very refreshing.

We've even been told our Orange Greens taste like Tang!

There's a lot of misinformation about natural flavors.

We only use 100% vegan flavors from plants, spices and oils (like vanilla).

No fillers or artificial flavors!

Our Greens, Bars and Super Shots are all gluten-free!

6 months. Be sure to always check your "best by" date on the wrapper. But we highly doubt these yummy bars will be sitting around that long!

Yes, it's 100% gluten-free. 

Yes.. and No. The Superbar is vegan and we don't add any dairy. But our manufacturing facility does have some products which use whey protein (whey has dairy). So there's never a 100% guarantee there's no whey residue in the air of our facility. 

Everyone’s taste buds are different BUT these are some common things we hear:

•Tastes kinda like a tootsie roll with some crunch to it

•It’s sweet but not too sweet

•It’s chocolately and fruity

•I’m SHOCKED - I was expecting a heavy “green” taste but it’s lightly sweet and more fruity.

•GOOD!  (from a 10yr old) - Yes it’s been kid approved!

Each Superbar is just $3. 
And sold in a "boombox" of 12 bars for $36.

Great question!

Because we only sell directly to our customers (like you) and do our own fulfillment, we cut out all the middlemen. And pass on the savings to you.

Ship This!

Right now, we ship to US and Canada.

But remember, there might be additional "customs fees" by your country. We cannot control those fees. 

Absolutely! You have three full months to try the product. And if you don't absolutely love it as much as we do.. you'll get a full, fast refund. No games. No catch. 

ABSOLUTELY not.  It’s one of the reasons we created our super special Rewind bar and drink mixes.  We were sick of searching high and low for “healthy” products that had hidden chemicals so we developed our own.  We made sure that there is no crap in our products and especially wanted to make sure our stuff is organic and vegan friendly.

Yes! Once your order is sent, you'll be emailed a tracking link. You'll watch it right up to the time you unwrap the box of goodness!

Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you with your return.  Email us at fun(at)