Creating a Nutrition Superbar Ain't Easy!

by Ryan Lee (Chief "Rewinder")

We get so many questions and comments about our Superbars. Questions like...

Step 1: Nail the Nutritionals

The first step is figuring out our "idea" nutritional values of Superbar.

Things like...

  • How much protein?
  • How many carbs?
  • How much fat?
  • How many calories?
This sets the foundation, but it's tricky. Here's why...

... because we can never please everybody.

If you have too much protein.

Step 2: The YES's and NO's

Now that we know what the baseline nutrition facts will look like - it's time to figure out our .

In other words.. what will go IN

For example.. will it be

  • Gluten-Free? If so, that eliminates many choices for ingredients which might add a crunch

  • Vegan? No dairy (which means no whey protein!) and even no honey (yup, it's not a vegan ingredient either)

  • Sugar Alcohol?These are a popular way to lower sugar in most bars.. but we didn't want to add it to our Superbars

  • Artificial Flavors

Step 3: The Ingredients

Now we start to play.

Step 4: The Taste and Texture

This become a challenge - because you can create a bar that meets all the criteria above, BUT, if it doesn't taste good, no one will eat it more than once.

And everyone has different taste.

Some love 'em sweet and others prefer less sweetness.

Some love all things crunchy while others are all about chewy.

Maybe you go with almond butter as a protein source - but some people don't like the taste of almonds (or have a nut allergy).

Step 5: The First Prototype Bar

The playing around with all the nutritional facts and ingredients to nail all our requirements AND then get the right taste and texture can take a few months. Seriously.

Just a little too much of one ingredient can throw off the nutritionals and/or the taste.

But finally, our test kitchen rolls-out some prototype bars. And if they're perfect from the start (they never are), we go to the next step.

99% of the time, we have to make changes to the formula.

Little more of this. Little less of that.

After months of tweaking, we FINALLY have a protoype we love.

But oh no - we're not done yet. There's still another step.

Step 6: The Large Equipment Test

We leave the comfy confines of our test kitchen and head to the BIG equipment.

The equipment that can crank out 100,000 Superbars at a time.

Because what might work in our test kitchen might not work when we're doing hundreds of thousands of Superbars.

So we run it through the big equipment.

THEN, if it works, and the bar still tastes amazing. And we don't have to change the formula - we go into production.

Step 7: Production Time!

The big day has arrived.

You gotta make sure all your wrappers are ready.

All your boxes are ready.

Of course, all the wrappers and boxes must be compliant. Nutrition fact labels must be a certain font size. You can't make "claims". Allergy disclaimers must be there too. Lots and lots of rules to follow (all good stuff!).

Then, we do a test run on the big equipment to make sure the bars are the right texture, size, etc.

Finally, after the Superbars are examined for one final time - we hit GO and start producing them.

They're wrapped, boxed and then shipped to our warehouse.

Once in the warehouse, we take inventory, start selling and shipping them directly to our customers.