"Behind the Rewind"

Hi, I'm Ryan and here's the story about why REWIND began.

Back in 2009, my wife and I had just had our fourth child - then everything began to fall apart. Fast.

Within a short period of time, I lost millions of dollars in a bad business deal (and went into crippling debt), my mom passed away from cancer at 63, and started to pack on the weight. A lot of weight. Over 35 pounds.
Then, I was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disorder called psoriatic arthritis. I could barely move my hands and every step was pure agony.

My doctor told me to go on a chemo therapy because, as he put it, "we don't know what's causing it, so we have to zap your entire immune system to kill everything".

Heck no - I thought to myself. I'm going to try and figure this out myself.

I understood exercise and nutrition (I have Master's Degree in Exercise Science and used to be a contributor to Mens Fitnessmagazine), but it didn't matter.

So I dug in and discovered the major cause of all my pain (and weight gain)...

Damaged Gut and Inflammation are a Deadly Combo

So much of our sickness, lack of energy, and even weight gain have to do with inflammation. And there are a few specific ingredients that are highly inflammatory:
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Added Sugar
Then I figured, "ok, I need to reduce the amount of these inflammatory ingredients" and focus on winning the morning.

How to "Win the Morning"

I don't judge. If you're all about Paleo, Keto or Intermittent Fasting and it works for you - that's great.

For me? As a busy dad of four, I needed something in the morning that was on-the-go and could fill me up for a few hours.

I tried smoothies, but let's face it, they're a pain to make.

So that left me with Nutrition Bars.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good bar that didn't contain any of those inflammatory ingredients.

Most "protein bars" either had Whey Protein (daily), Soy Protein, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohol.

The "green bars" didn't have any protein and tasted about as good as our front lawn.

Some "fruit bars", while sweet, had over 25 grams of sugar (hello crash!).

Then the light-bulb went off.

Why can't I create a "Superbar" that was plant-powered, had no inflammatory ingredients - and most importantly - tasted amazing.

So after a year of messing around with bar ingredients and formulations - the results was the Rewind Energy Superbar.

Hundreds of thousands of people are now "winning the morning" and having the bar while dancing out the door. They find it keeps 'em full and energized for hours.

But a funny thing happened. People are having them for an afternoon slump-busters, at work, on the road, while they travel and even as a before/after exercise snack.

There you have it. The story of how REWIND was born and why we're so passionate about helping others live a better life.

You got this.

P.S. Since I started having a bar every morning, at 46 years old - I lost all that weight (I'm back to the same pant size I wore in high school), And 95% of my autoimmune symptoms have disappeared (without the drugs).

I can't wait to share these special bars with you and hear your story.
Let's Rewind